Skin Analysis

The purpose of the quick online evaluation is to help assist new customers who do not already have a file with their esthetician which gives them guidance on what products to use from the eltraderm skincare line based on their skin need. It is not a replacement for medical advice or previous suggestions already given by their esthetician. By filling out the questioner below purchasing may be made easier, money and time may be saved while obtaining better results. Lisa Anella Advanced Esthetics does not take any responsibility for misuse nor can be held responsible for any guidance given following this short evaluation. Those who are still uncertain are advised to book to receive a skincare treatment and one on one advice.
Are you familiar with the eltraderm skincare products?
Are you presently on the care of a dermatologist?
Do you have any allergies?
Superficial dehydration?
Deep dehydration?
Skin texture?
Type of skin?