RF Skin Tightening Treatment

The ReFirme ST procedure stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis resulting in the tightening of the skin, giving an immediate firmed and lifted effect.

This treatment is excellent on the whole facial contour as well as targeted areas such as lips, eye contour, eyebrow lift, nose to tighten enlarged pores.

For best sustainable results 4-6 visits, however results can be seen after each individual visit!







Lip Contour


Brow Lift


Under Eye Lift


Jaw Tightening


Cheeck Lift


Cheeck Lift + Jaw Tightening


Full Face


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Late Fees
Please arrive 5 min in advance to be ready for your treatment.
Please note: After a 5 minute grace period a late fee of $2 per minute will be added to the invoice where applies without exception.

Appointment Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation policy are always in effect for all bookings without exception

Class Cancellation Policy
A fee of 50% is applicable on all services when cancellation or rescheduling is received less than 36 hours in advanced. Last minute cancellation or no shows will be charged the full rate of the appointment to a maximum of $150 plus applicable taxes. No exception!