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Carola Fourlin – ★★★★★ 

February, 2020

It was a great experience. Professionalism is at the meeting. I recommend “Lisa Anella Advanced Esthetics” 100%. Thank you from the first treatment, I saw a clear improvement in my skin. Thanks to Taicy for her time and explanations.

Willa L  – ★★★★★ 

September 5, 2019

I have lived in London, Paris and New York. Nobody does skin treatments like Lisa. You get more than you pay for. At 43 I have aged prone skin. Lisa’s services make me look better and younger than most at 43- I don’t have good genetics- yet thanks to Lisa and her team –  I still feel no need to do Botox or fillers yet. I recommend her 100%. Nothing compares to her services.

Samantha F – ★★★★★ 

August 30, 2019

I’ve been going to Lisa Anella for a few years now and I’m always impressed by their professionalism, punctuality, cleanliness and service. They care about thier customers, they are easy to talk to and they give good advice. I would recommend Lisa Anella Esthetics to anyone. Keep up the great work, you are on the highest level of business.

Nancy M★★★★★

August 28, 2019

I was struggling the find the best hair removal treatment. I’m Mediterranean and very hairy (was ;-))! I tried so many places and different technologies (name it I tried it all : laser, IPL, electrolyse, waxing). Nothing was efficient and permanent. It was painful and I even got my skin burned many times. Elos was the ONLY technology that worked for me and for my tanned skin. I didn’t have to worry if my skin was burned when I leave the clinic. I finish my treatments about 8 years ago all over my body and the results are still fantastic up to now! Lisa Anella and her wonderful team knew how to take care of my problem and they were always so professional and attentive (even on areas that I would be shy of like the bikini). Honestly if you want to see long lasting results for hair removal go to Lisa Anella!

Thank you Aretta for your constant dedication and professionalism!

Marie-Claire Asseko

August 23, 2019

I definitely recommend going to Lisa Anella for efficient skin care products, comprehensive skin treatments and overall advice and support for the health of your skin.

Relaxing spa · Expert facials

Renee M – ★★★★★

March 13, 2019


You will feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door

Lisa Anella

Very professional and takes the time to explain skin care regimen

Marie Rose K – ★★★★★

Mar 10, 2019

The go-to establishment for skincare in Montreal! Lisa & Aretta know how to address issues with all skin types. I’m glad I finally decided to invest in good skincare because both my face and my hands are benefiting from these advanced treatments.

Emery Lewis – ★★★★★ 

March 7, 2018

Just finished another treatment of the Microdermabrasion with Lumi-Facial and I feel like I am in heaven. Love the way Oretta works on the face with the Microdermabrasion treating every inch of the skin it’s absolutely incredible. Then with the Lumifacial to help the face relax and compose ensuring the treatment penetrates the skin. I strongly recommend this treatment because it works well with my dry-oil skin. The glow lasts for over 3 month as long as you use the products Oretta recommends for maximum results. I will return just before summer 2018 starts to get another Microdermabrasion with Lumi-facial.

Missy Vee – ★★★★★ 

Any one who knows me knows that I don’t deal well with pain! Having facial hair was such a burden that I took the pain and went to countless treatments of waxing, electrolysis and when I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I started shaving! When I got to Lisa’s I really thought it was a lost cause. My face was scarred and full of ingrown hair. After a few treatments I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Now that my treatments are over, I can’t believe the remarkable change. Not only on my face but in myself esteem as well! Thank you so much Lisa, I have no words to express how grateful I really am!

Jennifer Rousseau – ★★★★★ 

Lisa Anella Esthétique Avancée are the best! The estheticians are extremely well trained and knowledgeable. I have complete confidence every time I get a facial and my skin is so much better for it! I used to have irritated, dehydrated skin now it’s no longer irritated and my skin has a great bounce! 10/10 would recommend

Kofi Antoine  – ★★★★★ 

November, 2019

Having heard about Ms Anella and her services, I was given a gift certificate and decided to try it.

Definitely had a positive experience with Taicy (hands of gold) and will make another appointment in the future.

Tara Diestel – ★★★★★ 

September, 2019

I have been going to Lisa Anella for over 20 years. She finally convinced me to try the Lumifacial and I was amazed!! My skin was glowing and smooth and tight!!! Cant wait for my next one… officially addicted!!!

Felicia Solomon

August 28, 2019

I absolutely love the microdermabrasion and LumifFacial treatment! After just a few sessions, I saw a noticeable difference and I am very happy with the results.

Lisa is straightforward and I really appreciate how she takes the time to find out my habits and lifestyle changes in order to make well rounded recommendations for my overall skincare.

The products can be pricey, but they are worth it and they work.

Expert facials · Amazing results · Relaxing spa

Fay Y – ★★★★★ 

August 28, 2019

Lisa Anella offers the best facials that are totally worth spending your hard earnings on. You can actually see results after your first treatment e.g. microdermabrasion Lumifacial. Lisa and Aretta are experts at what they do. Want restored skin, increased collagen, hydration, and youthful glow Lisa Anella Advanced Esthetics is the place to go.

Marianne R★★★★★

April 3, 2019

The salon is professional and very clean! Well organized they will take care of you!

Lisa is very professional and she took a lot of time with me! She gave me so good advices for my skin and now my skin looks amazing! Thank you Lisa 🙂

Martine M★★★★★

Mar 09, 2019

I cannot state strongly enough how pleased I am with the results of my personalized treatment. For years, I spent outrageous amounts of money on harmful products and costly beauty tools in hopes of preventing wrinkles and “curing” hyperpigmentation, large pores, etc. I’m now embracing an improved, healthy and glowing skin, so much so that I feel confident without makeup. Thank you to Lisa and her team for being so welcoming, knowledgeable and professional! You ladies are in a league of your own.

Carmen H ★★★★★

Mar 05, 2019

I’ve been a client of Lisa Anella Estétique for over 10 years. Always had issues with redness and extremely sensitive skin. What a huge difference!!! Love my results, always perfect. Thank you Lisa&Aretta!!

Philippa Mutabazi – ★★★★★ 

When I first decided to get my facial treatment I was looking for an expert. I had heard so many horror stories about facial treatment gone wrong and wanted to make sure that did not happen to me. After weeks of research I stumbled upon Lisa Anella Advanced Esthetic I had been wanting to get my facial treatment for quite a while because i had lots of discolorations under my eyes and my skin was unven. I went in for a consultation with Lisa and immediately felt comfortable I had made the right choice to come to her. She examined my face for almost 30 minutes giving me her professional opinion. She answered my questions confidently. She was also sociable which made the time pass by quickly. The results were phenomenal!! She is an incredible professional highly certified esthetician. My skin looks fantastic I am overwhelmed with gratitude! I highly recommend Lisa Anella Advanced Esthetics for her highly professional service which she created over years of experience which gave me the results I was hoping for, and more!