elõs™ Laser Hair Removal Lisa Anella

elõs™ Laser Hair Removal

elõs™ hair removal is a leading edge technology that can be programmed to safely treat all skin type including black skin hair removal with little or no discomfort.

Hair removal with Elõs in Montreal

Most customers find it to be painless making it a great choice for hair removal on larger areas such as the back and chest of men or extremely sensitive areas including the lip or Brazilian hair removal. This hybrid technology that uses IPL and RF was developed and made in Israel, is frequently maintained by Syneron making it a smart choice for those seeking to have their service with a safe and reputable equipment.

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Hair removal, also well-known as epilation or depilation, is the deliberate removal of hair on certain body parts. Hair typically grows all over the physical body. Hair is visible on body surface and can be on parts you do not want.

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