Collagen & Elastin

Collagen & Elastin Facial

Obtaining optimum results in any skin-care treatment starts with preparing the base properly. Collagen & Elastin facial treatment beautifies. Complex or distinct, corrective skin-care treatment, pore cleansing, collagen facial to restore the depleted collage and rejuvenate people’s skin, brighter skin complexion treatment or Asian skin hyper pigmentation, has close ties with a smoother skin after treatment.

Therefore all our corrective skin-care treatments begins with light peeling and deep pore cleansing with extractions when needed to remove dead cells and unblock the pores. The skin is then hydrated and nourished before proceeding with any technology based skin-care treatment.

Collagen facial in Westmount, Montreal

Regain smoother skin, whether rough and uneven skin texture! Common skin concerns are resolved with Collagen & Elastin Facial treatments at 4060 St. Catherine West, Suite 330, Westmount, Québec.

Advance skin care treatment

Careful techniques and highly concentrated products such as marine collagen, elastine and Vitamin C are applied to give the desired results.

Benefits of Collagen-Elastin Facial

  • Brighter smoother looking skin
  • Deep hydration
  • Smaller pores
  • A feeling of freshness!
  • More nourished looking skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Mainly on T-zone and cheeks, open pores have to be closed to avoid blackheads and acne. Fresh and elastic skin is appealing and makes us feel happy in our own skin. Smoother skin is a better skin. See prices for collagen facial treatments:

Collagen/Elastin – $165 ( Includes extraction, galvanic, hydration, mask, serums and protection. )

Eye Brows (additional charge) $15

Skin Consultation (when done on a separate visit) $85

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