Cell Renewal Oxygen Treatment

Cell Renewal Oxygen Treatment

Full oxygen facial integrates deep pore cleansing, Intra-Epidermal needleless and painless Injection, inhalation therapy with no redness or downtime allowing the recipient to go to any event immediately after the treatment.

This treatment is safe on all skin types including black skin and Asian Skin and it includes a deep pore facial, consisting of a light enzyme peel, extraction and face massage; highly concentrated collagen or elastin serums and nourishing gel by Clayton Shagal; all this is penetrated deep into the layers of your skin by using pressurized oxygen for immediate results.

Skin issues like black spots, skin redness, open pores, wrinkles, discoloration, are eliminated in favor of a brighter skin after deep facial treatment. Non-surgical lifting services are available as well, to have that smoother skin and look ten years younger.

Benefits of Oxygen Treatment

  • Regenerate damaged cells
  • Ultra hydration
  • Visibly reduce fine line and wrinkles
  • Aid the elimination of impurities
  • Reduces the sign of discoloration
  • Strengthens the skin’s antibacterial defenses

Results after a Cell Renewal Oxygen Treatment

  • Soft, radiant and plump skin

Oxygen Single Treatment – $190 ( Includes extraction, galvanic, hydration, mask, serums and protection. )
+ Microdermabrasion – $260

Oxygen Multiple (4) Treatments – $695
+ Microdermabrasion – $950

Eye Brows additional charge – $15
Skin Evaluation (if on a separate visit) – $85

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