Black Skincare

Black Skincare

Black skin care services in Westmount

We understand that while all skin have some basic characteristics such as dry, oily, normal or sensitive, black skincare often requires attention that can be addressed only by highly skilled and experienced professionals.

The enriched melanin in black skin can cause it to react negatively to some procedures such as some type of
laser hair removal, chemical peels, abrasive procedures such as micro-dermabrasion and/or extractions that are improperly done, leaving unwanted hyper pigmentation and scars.

Deep-cleaning facial

The combination of our expertise, leading edge technologies and selection of highly concentrated natural products will leave your skin radiant and well balanced with no down time.

Some of our leading edge technologies include elõs™ hair removal, micro-dermabrasion with oxygen infusion and our highly sought after LumiFacial® which is known to improve skin discoloration, evens out dark spots and lessen the appearance of superficial scars.

In Montreal, we offer skincare services for particular skin types, Black Skincare, elõs™ Laser Hair Removal, SRS Non-Surgical Lifting, Collagen & Elastin Facial, LumiFacial® safe on all skin types, Skincare for Men, Microdermabrasion skin-care, Skin Cell Renewal Oxygen, Cellulite Treatments.

Let us help you to choose the right treatment for your skin!

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